Researchers Propose a New Safer System for Wireless Charging Stations

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Wireless EV charging is something that is hardly new or revolutionary today. The technology has already been development long before, and there are already recent ideas and breakthroughs that opened the concept to the EV industry.

That is the reason why at a first glance, this report by a team of researchers about a new wireless EV charging system does not seem very appealing or interesting. That is however, until you realize that they are actually developing a system that would not have the general drawbacks and risks of traditional wireless EV charging systems.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have been working on a way to make EV charging systems safer for people to use. It has been long known that wireless EV charging systems, though more convenient to use than plug-in wired systems, are also considerably hazardous, due to the high power and high frequencies needed to generate the needed electromagnetic fields. The main challenge of their research is to tone down these power and frequency levels, while still maintaining a good charge rate that would match the current charging rate of wired systems.

The setup that they have devised to tackle this challenge is by using remote magnetic gears. They have two rotating base magnets, the one installed on the charger, and the one installed to the EV. As the EV approaches the required distance and position, the two magnets will come in contact with their magnetic fields. The base magnet on the charging station would then remotely move and spin the second base magnet at the EV. The rotating action of the second magnet then generates electricity in the same method as how standard electric generators produce electricity, to finally charge the EV’s batteries.

With this unconventional method of charging the EV, they were not only able to use significantly less energy, but they were also able to lower field frequency by 100 times, making the exposed magnetic fields negligible and completely harmless to humans. In addition to their charging concept, they have also included a few other safety protocols into the system. A few of these include positioning monitors and status indication systems.

The greatest benefit of having a wireless charging station for your EV is that there’s no need to put up with inconvenient wires when stopping for a charge. No need to deal with bad weather (when it gets wet), and it won’t get easily messy even when space is cramped. You can simply drive your EV through, park it at the right spot and wait until it gets to a considerable charge rate. This is why there is a good amount of interest around the world to research and develop better wireless EV charging stations.

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