How Can A Business Go Green?

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Businesses Going Green

Before the world slid into recession it was all any business could talk about – every single company wanted to be seen to be green. Green political parties were making headway in the election polls, and people were driving for more recycling facilities to become available to them. Times are tougher now, and while people are no less demanding, there’s a certain amount of leeway given to companies when it comes to being environmentally friendly that wasn’t afforded to them in the early 1990’s.

Businesses that are still seen to be making an effort receive a lot more press now than they did back then though, so for companies that want to look good, here are a few things they can do that will make a genuine difference to the world:

1. Get Green Energy

There are a number of providers of green energy that can help companies save on their monthly outgoings, as well as helping to preserve the planet. Companies like Dulas offer commercial solar systems to businesses in the UK, which can help to drive down costs to the extent that they can pay for themselves in as little as 6 years in some cases – and keeping the planet cool, as well as keeping your workforce warm for less in future, is pretty priceless anyway.

2. Install Light Sensors

Large buildings owned by large companies have large amounts of people in them, and they’re going to have to stay lit for large portions of the day – but not every room is always occupied, and when it comes to switching off lights staff can be forgetful. Installing light sensors that turn off lights when people leave the room can be a big help when it’s time for your bills.

3. Recycle & Reuse

Recycling is big news, and it’s important for many businesses because there is so much waste that could be recycled that just isn’t. The government rewards companies that recycle as much as possible, and the public having a better opinion of you doesn’t hurt either. Reusing old stuff or buying products secondhand is another great way to reduce waste by giving life to something that would have been tossed for the landfill.

4. Participate In Community Green Meetups

Some environmentally conscious cities host events where businesses and citizens can meetup to learn the latest green trends and experiences of other people. Green Drinks is an international movement where people attend volunteer driven events to spread green information while providing an opportunity for green minded people to connect. Just do a Google/Bing search Green Drinks [name of your city] to find out about events in your local area.

5. Reduce Your Impact

Take an inventory of what your business consumes and then ask yourself if you can cut back on supplies. Furthermore, make an effort to find out if your supplies can be sourced locally, doing so betters the local economy and spares the environment from purchasing a product that’s been shipped from half way across the world. Businesses that dedicate themselves to sourcing locally as well as reducing overall inventory and waste prosper economically and boost local economies in intangible ways.


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One Comment on “How Can A Business Go Green?

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