Going Back to School in an Eco-Friendly Fashion with Naked Binder

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Back to School shopping is a stressful and frustrating time. You are juggling lists of supplies the schools expect you to get with budgets, long lines and short tempers. On top of that, you want to get products that are not toxic to use, made locally that have some chance of surviving at least a few short months as well as being easy on the environment.

Lets face it, those vinyl binders, while cheap, are not fitting the bill. Cheaply made products that fall apart don’t save you money. You may need to replace those binders two or three times a year, and the worst part is that they are not recyclable in any way.

Vinyl has a long list of health issues, even in using it. The vinyl is flexible because of Phthalates which have been linked to everything affecting puberty, to asthma, and even obesity and autism. While phthalates were banned by President Bush from children’s toys, they are still prevalent in their school supplies.

So what are your options? Cardboard binders won’t last any longer than the vinyl, but are much healthier. Well, Naked Binder has an array of 3-ring binder options that are strong and PVC free.

Naked Binder was dreamed up as a healthier, sustainable alternative for schools, offices and home. Tested to 250,000 flexes, there is no way the cover is going to fall off of these binders. The binders are made from 100% post consumer waste binders board and have four styles from bare board (that is the one that flexed 250,000 times without failing) to binders with 9 color options of book cloth. Naked Binder’s are manufactured in the US and do not contain plastics, PVC’s, or phthalates.

Healthier, stronger 3-ring binders that are better for the environment are just the thing for this years Back to School shopping lists.

For more information on PVC, Vinyl and Phthalates check out the Center for Health, Environment and Justice website. They have links to all of the studies and tons of information.

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