New 49ers Stadium Saves 23 Million Pounds of CO2 with Eco-Concrete

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The San Francisco 49ers went through a long drawn out process of deciding where they were going to play from here on out. Their old stadium was quite frankly, old and even ran into electrical problems during one of their most hyped up home games last season. After all the financial qualms were worked out, the decision was to settle in a brand new stadium that is currently under construction in Santa Clara California. The president of the company said they were going the extra mile when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Just last week the first delivery of concrete was delivered to the stadium and just so happened to be a low CO2 version. The U.S. based company Central Concrete is supposed to provide the stadium with 80,000 cubic yards of the stuff for the auger cast piles and overall stadium structure.

“Typically, creating 1 ton of traditional cement releases 1 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere”, Central said.

Conventional concrete is pretty bad for the environment considering all the fossil fuels and energy it takes to produce it and not to mention the byproduct of carbon emissions. Some estimates show that the concrete industry may account for nearly 5% of man’s entire carbon footprint. Central Concrete is ahead of the game with their low CO2 concrete and is set to reduce the stadium’s footprint by 23 million pounds of CO2.

“As anyone who has ever seen a football stadium can attest, concrete is a significant material in stadium building,” said Gary Filizetti, president, Devcon Construction. “For that reason, it was important for us to select a supplier with demonstrated success in large-scale, high-performing concrete projects. The fact that Central Concrete excels not only in concrete performance, but also in mixes that reduce the carbon footprint was crucial in our decision.”

Of course, the concrete is not the only thing that will be sustainable in this stadium. A 20,000 sq ft. installation of solar panels will be implemented into the design as well as electric charging stations and a ground source heat pump. But I would have to say the most impressive thing is the 27,000 sq foot green roof, which would be the first ever of its kind in the National Football League. The green roof will sit on top of a slew of luxurious suites, contain 2,000 pounds of dirt, and an extensive array of native plants that will soak up rainfall and provide insulation to the suites below. A few other environmentally sound components put into this structure -via Wikipedia- will be:

  • No use of CFC‐based refrigerants in the HVAC systems. Systems will instead use refrigerants that minimize compounds that contribute to ozone depletion;
  • Diversion, recycling and/or salvaging 75% of non‐hazardous construction waste
  • Utilization of public transit nearby including VTAACEAmtrak, with connection to a proposed future BART extension
  • Use of recycled water for landscape irrigation, toilets and urinals along with water‐conserving fixture

To top it off President Jed York said they wanted to embrace the cultures of San Francisco and Napa Valley by providing locally fresh grown produce to their attendees. This stadium will be the ultimate powerhouse of eco friendliness (as far as stadiums go) and will be the first LEED certified stadium in the NFL. The stadium is still in the works but is on track to be ready for the 2014 NFL season.

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