America’s Most Endangered River’s List Sounds the Alarm

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Water is an element that sustains all life here on this planet. We need water to support our very existence much like the air we breathe. The unnerving truth is that our streams, rivers, and watersheds that intertwine through mountains and valleys all over the nation have been compromised and are in a near state of crisis. A Grassroots organization just released their 27th annual report on Tuesday called “America’s Most Endangered Rivers Report.” They have sounded the alarm to wake up every citizen and policy maker and reveal the true state of on the water quality in this country.

After the American Revolution, we have seen a host of unnatural invasions threaten our water supplies. The once bountiful and thriving rivers of America are now experiencing the damage from increased fracking, new dam construction, mountain top removal mining for coal, urban runoff, and over-depletion of our water supply.

At the top of the Endangered Rivers list is the Potomac River. It spans through our nation’s capital, across Virgina, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It is considered to be the “nation’s river” that supplies drinking water to nearly 5 million people. The Potomac River starts as a network of headwater streams in Virginia, flows almost 400 miles through farmscaped lands to the metropolitan of D.C., and then connects into the Chesapeake Bay.

At one time, this river was in much more despair than it is today. It was deteriorated from agricultural and urban sewage, which ultimately led to a bad case of eutrophication. President Lyndon Johnson even declared the river a “national disgrace.” His remark served as a catalyst for the commencement of the Clean Water Act in 1972 that worked on restoring the beauty and ecology of the historic Potomac River and others alike.

Today, although in better condition than years past, it is still heavily polluted and will only get worse if Congress insists on removing key provisions from the Clean Water Act. The Potomac River is hanging on by a thread as pharmaceuticals, chemical, and bacteria-infested water drains off streets and sidewalks and into the veins of America’s fresh water.

Outside magazine discussed some of the bills presented to Congress that would undermine the sanctity of the Clean Water Act and could turn rivers, including the Potomac, into unsafe cesspools that could potentially make people sick and destroy wildlife.

“When members of Congress fill a glass of water or drink their morning coffee, that water comes from the Potomac River. It’s time to draw the clear connections between healthy rivers, drinking water, and public health in Washington, DC, and in communities nationwide,” Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, said in a prepared statement.

To view the three specific bills that the American River Organization is keeping their eye on visit Outside Magazine for detailed information.

People need to realize that the safety of our water is the foundation of good health and prosperity. If people just sit back and let the government take advantage of the only environmental legislation that is protecting our freshwater, then we may all be in trouble. Take action and do not let them remove our human right to clean drinking water. If you would like your voice to be heard, visit the American Rivers website and sign a petition telling Congress to preserve our waterways.

Great Falls Potomac River in Maryland

Photo Credit: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Raoul Pop and a river runs through 

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