Electronic Waste 101 Part 05: Facing the Grey Pile, Ourselves

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There are many challenges and hurdles in eliminating the big grey pile. As explained in earlier electronic waste articles, we are currently only able to recycle about a fifth of the electronic junk that we regularly produce. The worse fact is that the grey pile continues to add up, and even as you are reading this article, electronic waste continues to cause harm on many living organisms on this planet.

Fortunately, you don’t need to always wait for the big guys to bring those heaps of tech junk to processing facilities. You as an owner of a device or gadget could also contribute in recycling and managing electronic waste to keep it from causing serious environmental harm.

  • Keep your gadgets in good working condition for a longer period of time. Take proper care not to cause a premature mechanical malfunction to mobile phones, tablets and other smaller tech stuff. Perform simple daily maintenance procedures like dusting and wiping to keep appliances at an operational level. Do not frequently overwork your electronic gadgets near or beyond the limit of what they can do. If you can prolong the service life of your electronic device, you can also indirectly slow down and delay the accumulation rate of electronic waste.
  • Try to find other more creative purposes for your unusable electronic stuff. Ever seen one of those recycling projects using bottles and plastics? You can also do the exact same thing to electronic waste. The “cup” of your iMac G4 for example, can be used as a component for your new desk lamp. One must be a little more creative though, because we don’t want the room to look and feel like some organized recycling facility.
  • Dispose more manageable pieces like batteries and small accessories properly and responsibly. Much in the same way as how we group biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, electronic waste should also be manually filtered and sorted out. The more dangerous and toxic ones should be separated from “less harmful” electronic waste. Oh, and be sure that the entire electronics waste bin is completely separate from your regular trash bins.
  • Bring all your electronic waste to a proper management and recycling facility. After deciding that you can’t really do anything anymore with the electronic waste that you have properly disposed and managed, it’s time to take it to the nearest electronic waste recycling facility. Try to find and research about the nearest e-waste recycling facility in your area. If there’s none, then just try to find a good facility where they could properly manage and process the raw materials found in your e-waste.
  • Finally, make more people aware of the problems regarding electronic waste. Don’t just feel good about the fact that you know how to handle electronic waste. Try enlightening more members within your community, and tell them all that they should know about proper electronic waste disposal, management, and recycling. Who knows, you could probably even form a small group that can manage most of the electronic waste in your neighborhood.

Just like our fight to keep all trash and garbage in general from polluting our planet too much, we also need to keep our spirits up to prevent electronic waste from becoming an environmentally harmful element.

Remember, the responsibility to keep an eco-friendly gadget “green” even after it gets broken is also in our very own hands.

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