The Coolest Eco Friendly Uses for Mason Jars

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Over the years I’ve noticed that slowly but surely I was inadvertently collecting mason jars. Yup I’ve officially become a jar hoarder. Everything that came in a jar no matter how big or small I was instantly attracted to and had a hard time throwing away. Before I knew it, I had a pretty big stash under my kitchen sink, in my linen closet, and my bathroom cabinets. For whatever reason, I never got around to using them even though I knew very well that they were the perfect canvas for a bajillion DIY projects. Although one thing I did notice was that they were making their way into my kitchen cupboards along with my other dishes. Me and my boyfriend have only went as far as using them as drinking cups and funnily enough I find that I choose the mason jar over the traditional glass every time I reach for a cup.

And I really don’t have an explanation for why other than I just think they are pretty cool. I’ve seen a hipster eating oatmeal out of a jar once while I was on the bus and thought that was pretty interesting. Not only are they practical but they make for great conversation starters too! I’m far from a hipster, although I do enjoy divulging in funky unconventional behaviors from time to time and mason jars seem to fit in perfectly with that mold.

Anywho, I was on a quest to find the coolest and quirkiest PRACTICAL things you could possibly ever do with jars. I will not be including the over the top projects that only super creative etsy chicks can do but the easy and simple reuses that an average non-handy girl like myself can pull off in a matter of minutes.

So here goes:

I really love this idea of making the jars into hanging candle holders. The neat thing about this is, not only is it super easy to make but you can really add your own style and decide what goes inside it according to the seasons. They are very popular at weddings and outdoor dining parties and they look amazing at night. You can use anything from sand, dirt, rocks, acorns, or anything that isn’t highly flammable.

What a cute and creative way to keep all those little things you need to continue your journey into the DIY world! Pretty simple to make and very practical!

Making a little terrarium might sound tacky or cheesy but if it’s done right with a little bit of taste it will come out to be a cute and creative piece.

It’s pretty cool how some twine can really spruce up a boring old mason jar. There are some really beautiful arrangements that can be made out withvery few materials. Get fancy with some ribbons, lace, and twine you can really create a little masterpiece of a vase.


Add some sparkle into your home with these string light illuminating jars. There is really nothing to it. Just stuff them In there and plug them in!

For the longest time I was actually using little drinking glasses to store my bathroom stuff in. I could easily make use out of my jar collection with this idea. Perfect for cutips, cotton balls or anything else you use regularly.

Obviously mason jars are perfect for storing all kinds of foods in them. From rice, beans, flour, sugar, almonds, cookies you name it, it can be stored. But making a jar specifically for my doggy Mya was a must-do. I think the fact she can see them makes her drool a little extra!

If you’ve ever seen these little balls of tea before than you know they are quite exquisite to look at. I thought of a cool idea to put a green tea flower blossom in a smaller jar. They look so pretty when they fully expand. An inexpensive beautiful home decor item with literally minutes of work.


How cute are those little baby food jars? You can make miniature baby cakes for an event or birthday party. Makes for an interesting twist to traditional cakes!

Being a jar collector is apprantly a pretty common thing even though I feel like it could be teetering into a weird obsession. Somehow I’m okay with that. By continuing to purchase products that come in jars I am supporting manufacturers to keep on using them. They are much more sustainable than plastics and are better for the environment. Besides using them for crafts they make great drinking cups and mugs. They are microwave safe and BPA free as well so they get extra cool points for that too. No nasty lead or plastic here. Once you learn the benefits and upsides to using mason jars it’s easy to become addicted to collecting them. But hey, one girls weird obsession is just one more way to save the earth :)


Photo credit: Some right reserved by Chiot’s Run, ethuiel, Daren House, theqspeaks, theunquietlibrarian,debcil, Dave Kleinschidt,oldschool goodtimes via Flickr.

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