5 Eco Friendly Saint Patrick’s Party Tips

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The cool thing about Saint Patty’s day is you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate it. People usually spend this day by drinking beer, partying and gallivanting around a Patty’s parade. If you plan to do any of these things just remember going green is not limited to just wearing a green shirt and silly hat. You can TRULY go green by remembering these important 5 Eco Friendly Saint Patrick’s Party Tips:

Opt for Cocktails Instead of Guinness Beers
If you are hosting a party for all your crazy friends you will be expected to provide the booze. While thinking with your green foot, consider making some fun and festive cocktails. People will flock to a drink if it looks suited for the occasion and has a cool name.  You can grab a recipe online and even make up your own name for it! By having cocktails versus tons of beer cans, you are reducing the amount of waste created. So class it up with some green cocktails! A few glass liquor bottles versus 100 beer cans makes for easier and emission friendlier recycling.

If Beer is a Requirement
If you are going to have big beer-drinkers at your party, get a keg from a locally brewed source. You will be supporting the locals and saving tons of emissions that a bottle of conventional beer would take to get to your fridge. Also, there will be no need for hundreds of cans to be recycled.

SAY NO to Party Decor
It’s likely you will feel inclined to decorate with cheapy frills and streamers from the dollar store. All of these single-use party favors are very wasteful. By doing this, it is adding much more to our landfills than necessary, all just for a 5-hour party. Instead, look for upcycled projects where you can make decorations out of things already in your house. By saving them in plastic gallon-sized ziplocks, you will be able to use them year after year. One of my favorite eco friendly saint patrick’s party tips is to encourage the purchase of plants to create a more ‘green’ atmosphere. Get started on your Irish egg carton hat in time for the holiday!

Don’t Litter at the Parade
If you are planning on taking a walk in the downtown where all the action is be mindful of your trash. Don’t be a litterbug and throw your plastic cups, cigarette butts, or food wrappings on the floor like everyone else. Be sure to use the trashcans wherever you are.

Take Public Transporation
Of course, if you are heading to any social gathering be sure to catch a ride with a friend or take bus or rail service. If you are going to be drinking, this is obviously the right thing to do. One less car on the road=less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Remember people celebrate this a holiday much like Christmas where lots of unnecessary waste is created and ends up in landfills. There are no exceptions for holidays. Holidays are rarely friendly to the environment. To keep the mood light and ecologically guilt-free, remember some of these ideas and follow my best ever 5 eco friendly saint patrick’s party tips when either hosting or attending an event.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by Texas 713 via Flickr.

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