Electric Motorcycles Now Taking it Head to Head with Gas Motorcycles

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brammo electric motorbike

Electric bikes and scooters aren’t really that new. Though riding regular bikes are already sufficient green acts, there are always particular advantages of being able to push the speed limit a little faster in these personal vehicles. They are essentially considered as greener mopeds.

But even though they can be faster and easier to use than ordinary bicycles, electric bikes and scooters are just not powerful enough, would still be totally inferior when compared head-to-head to a standard motorcycle.

That is why automotive developers around the world are now designing and producing more powerful electric motorcycles for consumer use. These green two-wheelers still have the zero-emission qualities of electric bikes, but can now zip its way through ordinary roads as if it were a 250cc gas guzzler.

The Raw Power Evolution

The impression that consumer electric motorcycles can be as fast as regular motorcycle was actually completely non-existent a few years back. Sure, electric motorcycles might have the innovation, as presented by Brammo models, but they were still nothing more than a “badass” upgrade to electric scooters. It was not until the appearance of consumer-oriented powerful motorbikes like the BRD Redshift that things started to really change about electric motorcycles.

The BRD Redshift is a 250 pound 40 horsepower electric motorcycle. Though it may seem crude, unimpressive, and even feeble for a real speed monster like the Dodge Tomahawk, it is still a quantum leap with its 56 mph (90 km/h) top speed and 80 km (50 miles) range. The addition of the 100% instant torque capability of electric vehicles makes it look even faster (although this is also the reason why it has a reduced default rpm setting).

Silent, and Quite Futuristic

The best thing about electric vehicles are that they are relatively silent among other things. Naturally, an electric motorcycle also does not produce any considerable noise. For motorbike enthusiasts, the absence of the excitement given by the loud roar of the throttle might be a bit depressing though.

But wouldn’t it look better if we are to imagine it as a clean, futuristic bike? Imagine the silent whizz of the electric motorcycle as the noise of Vulture or speeder bikes. Feel the instantaneous increase in speed as if you are simply riding with the wind. Drive around late at night without bothering anyone in your neighborhood.

The Brighter Future

Like an electric vehicle, electric motorcycles should only get better with newer models that come out each year. One of the newest updates for the year 2012 is the Volta BCN, an electric motorcycle designed by Volta Motorbikes that is slated to be available to consumers in the second quarter of the year.

If these electric motorcycles can already achieve what they could now, just imagine how future improvements could affect their power and efficiency. Maybe we could even integrate other technologies that would not only make an electric motorcycle greener, but also a lot safer for the driver.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by +++CoolValley+++ via Flickr

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2 Comments on “Electric Motorcycles Now Taking it Head to Head with Gas Motorcycles

  1. I think that just the fact that the electric models are zero emission is great for our planet, but if in addition they can be silent that is even better. Something that I absolutely agree is that the efforts should be directed in order to integrate technologies to make it not only green but safer to the driver as well.

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