Green Roofs and Solar Panels

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Green designs are often given positive reception and since the concepts of solar power and green roofs became subjects in scientific research, their benefits began to gain importance. This article will be focusing on the possibility of merging both solar and green roof technology and identifying some of its advantages. But first, we need to grasp the basic concepts of both technologies.

Green roofs are literally that – green. In this case, we are not talking about solar shingles or other eco-friendly covering, but what is commonly referred to as the roof garden. Designed to be viewed and enjoyed, roof gardens typically consist of lawns, flower beds, shrubs, and trees with limited access through paved footpaths. There’s more to green roof than being pretty, though. Usually consisting of hardy, water absorbing sedums, extensive and biodiversity green roofs are not designed for human accessibility. Instead, their purposes include improving insulation, managing run-off after heavy rains, and even replacing natural habitats for displaced local wildlife.

Rays from the sun create a source of power that is replaceable and it’s name is ‘solar power electricity’. Solar power panels collect and absorb light photons from the sun and convert them to renewable energy. Solar energy systems could be easily used for a DIY solar panel project or they could be used for any project that may be in rural lands that aren’t connected to the grid – because sun energy is available anywhere in the world. By using sun power solar panel energy, we will be able to provide electricity to just about all of the remote areas of the globe. The DIY solar panel and solar electric panel systems are really cheap and don’t make any harm to our world!

Each technology proves to be sustainable on its own but can they be compatible when used together? Apparently, there is no conflict between solar and green roof technology. The energy-saving logic behind green roofs complements well with the energy-producing value of rooftop solar system. Standing alone, green roofs have many benefits which include limiting rainwater runoff, improve water quality, conserve energy, reduce urban heat-island effect, extend the life of roofing materials underneath, and more. Electric solar panels are clean environmentally friendly way to save money on your electric bill and power your home. Owners and designers of these “hybrid” systems even claim that green roofs actually improve solar system efficiency. Solar panels, also known as PV (Photovoltaic) elements, feel as snug as a bug in the rug on extensive green roofs, so to speak. The green roof cools ambient temperatures around the electric solar panels, allowing the solar panels to stay cooler and function better.

Furthermore, the green roof technology has developed advanced systems that allow easy and efficient installation of both systems without roof penetration or potential leaks of the roof. The design and engineering solutions consider the different growing conditions for the plants when combined with electric solar panels. By addressing the needs of both solar and plant system, there is maximum potential for evaporation.

These ecological benefits coupled with the therapeutic effects found from being in the presence of nature are the main reasons for the growing popularity of solar and green roof technology. The concept is simply a combination of two well-vetted applications which can be maximized further with future home designs. Indeed, having a combined electric solar panel and green roof system can be the best investment you can make for you and the environment.

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