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Even if you don’t have time to plant ten tree seedlings on a weekend or go on an ecotour, you can stay committed to good green living. Thanks to the digital apps boom, there are hundreds of environmental apps available out there for the global green citizen. Many of these are free and most are low cost software. At home, in the office, or on the road, you’ll find these free environmental apps helpful.

Not an iPhone User? Got you covered with our sister post: Free Environmental Apps For Android.

Iphone Environmental Apps

iTunes has a generous amount of free environmental apps to offer. From kids to yuppies to homebuilders, there’s an app or two to help and guide them to green choices.

iRecycle App by Earth911

irecycleAs the name suggests, iRecycle by Earth911 provides its users an easy way to connect with local recycling opportunities (drill down by city or zip code)…over 1.5 million ways, according to their description. And since this app was created by Earth911, they also included the latest in green news and updates to match your green lifestyle. And the best part about this app is it’s free price.

Get Around P2P Car Rental App

Get Around AppYou need to rent a car for a few hours, what do you do? You visit a major car rental agency and they’ll give you the keys to one of their many vehicles that they currently have available.

Or you could rent the car from someone who’s not using theirs with Get Around. Most of us who own vehicles have periods throughout the day and week when we don’t use our cars and often those times will coincide with when others need to rent them. What hopes to do is connect those two groups, thus reducing the demand for more car rental companies and in turn the creation of more vehicles…and yes, there’s an app for that.

Get Locavore App

Locavore AppLocavore is a great free iPhone app that is tailored for dedicated locavores who try to source their food based on local food supply (usually within 100 miles or so).

The Locavore app helps you find in-season food by pinpointing local farmers and farmers markets in your area to help you find the food you love.

Find Fruit App by

Find Fruit App Foraging is a natural way of life almost lost to modern man. It is an encouragement therefore to know that there are a number of people today who go back, intentionally, to the ancient art of foraging, even in the most urban of settings. There are even websites like Neighborhood Fruit that help you find fruit in your area for the pickings. They also naturally have a mobile app for the iPhone called Find Fruit.

Nature Near You by Nature Conservancy

NatureNearYou AppThe Nature near you app is a free environmental app developed with the Nature Conservancy to help amateur photographers find new areas to take pictures of the natural world around them.

They can share their photos with other nature lovers as well as their friends and family. They can also explore a map where others have taken photos near their location. For more details see our post Nature Near You App.

Solar Panel Suitability Checker App

Solar Panels Suitablility Checker AppA rather new app as of 2012 that uses your GPS location to tell you if your selected location is viable for solar energy.

It will produce an overlay telling you what positions are optimal for placement of solar panels, thus potentially earning you additional free energy.

For more info see our post Solar Panel Efficiency App.

Skeptical Science App

Skeptical Science AppIf ever you’ve found yourself in a heated debate about climate change with a skeptic, having this iPhone app around might help by laying the facts down on the table. Skeptic Science is designed to offer several responses to dead end statements like “climate’s changed before”, “models are unreliable”, and “Antartica is gaining ice”.

It tackles these statements under three categories: It’s Not Happening, It’s Not Us, and It’s Not Bad. What’s more, you can upload your own encounters and arguments.

Good Guide App

Good Guide AppThis app is your digital partner to green shopping. Good Guide features a database of 50,000 products with their environmental certifications, approvals, and other credentials.

While one popular product might have a perfect score on health standards, it might have a low score on environmental standards due to production, questionable sources, etc. A fair trade alternative might be a better choice. This app is perfect for shoppers who don’t have time nor inclination to read every fine print on every label while shopping.

IEA Key World Energy Statistics by International Energy Agency

IEA-Key-World-Energy-Stats This app is strictly for energy geeks.

Who doesn’t love diving into all the current and past statistics on world wide energy use? Easily sift through energy data from every major energy source in the main regions around the world (data from more than 130 countries).

This app is also available on the iPad.

One Stop Green Mobile App

OneStopGreenMobileAppAside from lots of green tips on living, One Stop Green Mobile also features a solar, wind energy, water, and lighting calculator.

You can find out your homes green score and help save the environment in your own green tech savvy way.

…this app allows you to perform an impromptu energy audit on your own home, putting to rest your eco-conscious inner guilt.

Pollution App

Pollution AppThis app can give you real time air pollution data from 1,380 cities around the world.

It has added 100000 databases worldwide and has an improved search address for convenience.

It’s honestly a great free environmental app whether you’re at home or traveling across continents.

GreenITers Mobile by Fullcircle Innovations

GreenITers-Mobile App GreenITers is an online community (100,000+ strong) of united individuals who believe in eco-innovations and green technology to help solve our environmental problems of today.

Once you’ve signed up (it’s free and easy) you gain access to everyones shared thoughts ranging from solar power, wind energy, electric cars, wave ocean energy, etc. This particular app is optimized for iPhone 5, but even if you don’t have it, still try it out and let us know your experience.

If you’re still looking for even more free environmental apps, do a search on Twitter and see what you find as there is a lot of good stuff out there:

These apps can only take a person so far in successful green living. It all depends on the individual’s commitment to be part of the solution, and to stay true to the commitment of green living. In the end, no fancy platform or cascades of threatening facts can dictate our action: it all depends on our choice and decision.

Let us know if you’ve downloaded any of these apps and if they’ve been helpful, or let us know if you found any others that fit the ‘green category’ in the comment section below.

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