Environmental Science Toys for Kids

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Science Toy

From the child who participates in a tree planting activity to a preteen who has joined a coastal clean up, young people are made aware of the environmental issues that concern our planet today.

Personal interest is kindled when a child directly participates in an act of environmental care and conservation. They might not understand all the scientific terms and jargon, but what they see with their eyes and what they feel with their hands will teach them to care more than a day in the classroom will do. When their minds have been piqued by curiosity, children may ask about global warming, solar power, pollution and other environmental issues. Learning about these subjects is better achieved through terms children themselves can understand. Here environmental science toy kits can be an invaluable aid to your children’s growing awareness.

If your child is a concerned citizen for environment conservation and care, these toys would be a great gift idea this Christmas. Young players would learn about present day environmental concerns and would be challenged for solutions, just as adults in the frontline of the environment conservation battle are today. Check these game titles and pick the ones that interests your kids or one that you want them to learn more of.

FunIQ Environmental Science Toys  
FunIQ is an online retailer that offers science toys for your kids like wind power science kits, hydro power science kits, and even fuel cell kits. The wind power kit could be a great learning instrument for your kids to learn about renewable energy. Your children could construct a wind mill for generating electricity. You and your family could conduct more than 15 different experiments with your wind turbine kit.

A wind power turbine science kit will teach your children about the basic laws of physics and of generating electricity. It’s a perfect way to teach your children about the importance of renewable energy, how it’s clean and always abundant. Toys like this will help our next generation understand the importance of getting off of fossil fuels.

Horizon Fuel Cell Toys
Horizon Fuel Cell Toys is a different kind of toy company that offer you or your children a different learning experience – one that you learn the mechanics of splitting atoms for energy. Fuel cell technology is probably going to be our main source of energy in the future. Splitting the water molecule H20 to get H2 or hydrogen. The process of splitting the water molecule creates an electric current that can be used to power our energy hungry lives. A science toy such as this could instill an important message to your children and makes for a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Growing Tree Toys
At Growing Tree Toys one of my favorite toys on their page was the Future Farm Sustainable Eco System Kit. The Future Farm Eco System Kit is an great teaching toy because it can teach your children how to use hydroponic systems, plant, propagate and clone plants, and compost. Personally I think it’s the perfect way to understand more about sustainability, this Future Farm kit introduces kids to the concepts of the life cycle of plants, the water cycle, and liquid nutrients. The Future Farm Sustainable Eco System Kit also connects to ant farm kit which would allow ants to experience the bio-dome in farm kit, pretty neat if you ask me.

Toys with environmental science themes combine learning and play in a great package. Who knows, like the boy who discovered plastic-eating microbes, your child might come up with a winning (or at least very interesting) solution to a global problem –while in play and having a good time.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Horizon Fuel Cells.

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