Environmental DIY Projects

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DIY Environmental Projects

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by the_exploratorium on Flickr.

Have you ever wanted to take apart that vacuum tube TV when you were young? Or perhaps modify a remote controlled toy car? At one point in our lives we’ve been curious with the mysterious workings of mechanical things.

Now, thanks to the benefits of the Information Age we are able not only to understand the mystery of mechanics but to actually learn from the experts themselves. For those who want to try their hand at environmental DIY projects, online magazines and websites like and provide step-by-step tutorials for beginners and masters alike.

Take a look at some of these environmental Do-It-Yourself projects:

Wind Lantern

Light up windy nights with this wind-powered LED lantern. The tutorial shows how to build a vertical-axis wind turbine that is suitable with urban settings where wind comes from many directions.

Wind Generator

Make your own wind generator from salvaged parts in the junkyard. MakeZine recommends puro yonke – pure junk. This wind generator may be installed on roofs.


Circulate fresh air inside the home with this homemade “heat recovery ventilator”. Buying one at stores can cost up to $450, but this DIY project will only cost from $50-$100.

Solar Powered Bracelet

Jewelry that glows through solar power is a bright idea indeed in fashion. The Solar Joule Bracelet takes it a brighter step further by incorporating a circuit that lights up LED with short bursts of voltage.

Solar Powered Hot Tub

Harness the power of the sun to heat your tub and lessen your electricity bill. This hybrid project makes use of solar power to take some pressure off the main electric heaters.

Solar Power Tracker

Follow the sun to power up your solar powered equipments. This solar powered motor maximizes the energy received from sunlight all day.

Solar Food Dryer

Keep your seasonal fruits and vegetables in store all year by drying them with the solar food dryer. Too much produce in a season will go to waste if not preserved properly. The solar food dryer uses just the right amount of air and warmth to dry food optimally.

LED Light Brick

Use energy efficient LED’s as night lights. This can be made according to personal design and light patterns (let your creativity run wild).

Home Weather Station

Build a solar powered weather station in your home and add an electricity and heating systems controller.


Keep tabs on your electricity usage with this homemade power monitor. Broadcasting your watts update on Twitter is also an option. If you are trying to reduce your home energy use, this would be the perfect project to monitor daily energy consumption.

These are fun projects for an environmentally-conscious tinkerer. Solar powered robots and toy cars are also available, as well as garden irrigation systems and electronic pet feeders. There are a lot of tutorial websites that help beginners progress to moderate and difficult projects over time. Readers are encouraged to add their own ingenuity and improve the design. Some combine energy sources to power their projects more efficiently. Others modify a component of a previous project to make something entirely new. Why not indulge your inner tinkerer in an environmental DIY project today?

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