Environmental Pollution Pictures

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BP oil spill wave

These are licensed All rights reserved Environmental Pollution Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

landfill - garbage waste

E-waste in Oregon

logging - cut forest logs

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pollution steel factory

woody biomass - biomass energy

Biomass is Not Clean Energy

…and here are some more environmental pollution pictures I’ve captured in the last 6 months in my travels:
Environmental Pollution Picture

Environmental pollution picture of factory

Taiwan Air Pollution Images

taiwan air pollution

Photo Credit: ©

The shot above was taken in a city called Linkou in Taiwan. It’s in an industrial business park that my work sent me to for training. Linkou is a suburb of Taipei and has a lot of manufacturing facilities and factories that make it a great spot to take air pollution pictures.

taiwan smog pollution

Photo Credit: ©

This is a shot another shot of Taiwan that showcases the inherent problem with smog in the country. You can see the effect of industrial air pollution as well as smog issues from cars, motorcycles, and trucks. This city has got a serious smog issue.

USA – Air Pollution Images

eugene railyard pollution

Photo Credit: ©

The shot above was taken when I was volunteering with Oregon Toxics Alliance. I was tasked with taking pictures of the railyard scene in Eugene, Oregon. This one is obviously my favorite snapshot that portrays the industrial polluted portion of west Eugene, this railyard is owned and operated by Union Pacific I believe. What you see is a classic air pollution image in a suburban setting.

utah air pollution

Photo Credit: ©

The shot above is in Utah, it was taken on a road trip to Moab, Utah to see Arches National Park and Canyon Land National Park. I’m not sure what it is exactly, perhaps a coal power plant or some woody biomass plant.

Plastic Pollution

In 1980, a study conducted at the University of Fairbanks Alaska on seabirds and plastic determined that 25% of seabirds contained plastic fragments or pellets in their digestive tracts. The origin of the plastic most likely came from the ocean surface of the Pacific Ocean abundant with plastic pollution.

This plastic pollution problem has grown steadily over the years and is apparent in Alaska and Hawaii. Also, a large portion of the Pacific Ocean is now termed as a Plastic Vortex. Plastic back in 1980 was mostly made of polyethylene which primarily comes from plastic bags and plastic bottles. Plastic is discarded and littered everyday and is carried around the ocean via wind and ocean currents. If pictures speak any meaning to you, I hope the message is clear. Do your part and pick up a piece of litter if you see some. Also, a great way to help out is by participating in local stream and river cleanups in your area.

This message is also being made to say that seabirds are not the only species affected here. Numerous species are affected, and something needs to be done to clean up the plastic vortex.

Check Out This Tweet:

At least 267 species, including whales, fish, turtles, seals, sea lions and seabirds have ingested or become entangled in the debris, which has collected in an area between Hawaii and the west coast of the US. The plastic vortex is literally the size of Texas. Greenpeace also states that about 80% of the plastic comes from land and the other 20% from ships at sea.

You can do your part by choosing to use reusable bags at the grocery store instead of opting for plastic bags or paper bags if plastic bags are already banned in your city. Amazon sells a pack of 6 reusable bags for around 10 bucks.

The sad truth is that unless something is done to clean up this mess, many more species of all kinds will continue to die or face unnecessary trauma. The human way of life has taken a toll on the earth. The carelessness that humans have lived by for thousands of years can no longer sustain on this planet without serious consequences. Thanks for your support on this issue.

Check out my Flickr Page for more environmental pollution Photos.

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All of the photos on this page I have taken with my own camera. You are free to post, modify, or use these images, as long as you provide a link back to my site. Thanks.

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  1. That factory gives me nausea just looking at it. I wish someone who knew tree rings could comment on that lumber picture to let them know they killed some great ecosystems.

  2. Just imagine the adversely impacts of climate change to surrounding people in few years,so so bad.Its our collective responsibility

    Bbosa Henry Kamwaka

  3. Don't use the plastics things. please follow this one. we will get a great improment in environment .

  4. young minds want come forward to eradicate pollution in our country 

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