Dolphins Killed in Brazil

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bloody dolphins

Watching this video really saddens me and watcher beware. If you can’t handle bloody dolphins then I suggest you don’t watch the clip. Nevertheless, it’s instances like this that the famous documentary entitled “Earthlings” tries to raise awareness about. Earthlings is a documentary film that basically shows people the archaic and cruel methods used to kill the animals that humans eat. There are all sorts of processes including de-beaking, de-horning, and castrating that go on without any anesthetic. The film also shows a great deal of gore and bloody violence enacted towards several dolphins and seals. Dolphins being killed in Brazil and around the world is something we should no longer tolerate.

The documentary film Earthlings is literally so sad…it could make you cry. Please watch it on Google Video, its titled “Earthlings”. I own a copy on DVD, so I can show people what really goes on in slaughtering houses.

The claims made in this film about the fishermen who said the dolphins just got caught in the nets happen all the time. Maybe they were caught in the nets on purpose. People get around technicalities in the law all the time. These people should be punished for their crimes against another harmless sentient being. These creatures have done nothing, and yet we kill them. Where is the humanity in that?

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7 Comments on “Dolphins Killed in Brazil

  1. What gets me is this- People scream bloody murder over something like a dolphin or whale being killed, or a furry cute animal of one manner or another. But most people couldn't care less about the sharks that are killed, or the other "normal" fish. When was the last time we saw protests about something like rattle snakes being killed (or any other snake for that matter)? Why is it that there seems to be a certain classification of animal which it is not ok to kill and another classification we couldn't care less about?

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  3. Support Whale wars! They are actively trying to help these problems too!

  4. this is terrible whoever did this needs to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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