Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

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Photo Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Nicholas Smale via Flickr.

So this makes total sense to me. Certain Asian governmental and business leaders are saying that rich countries like the United States are being hypocritical about green house gas emissions. The reason? The United States constantly criticizes China for all their green house gas emissions, yet U.S. companies go to countries like China for cheap labor and then sell back products to their home countries for extremely high profits. They are calling this “Green Imperialism”.

Now for the first time China has surpassed the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that the U.S. emitted(now the world’s second largest emitter) by 8%. China alone produced 6.2 billion tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions last year according to

My opinion is that these leaders are absolutely correct. Most rich countries like the U.S., Japan, and countries in Europe benefit directly from cheap labor in China and then turn around and blame China for pollution. Its complete hypocrisy because essentially what they have done is exported their greenhouses gases to developing countries.

“The environmental movement I helped found has lost its objectivity, morality and humanity,” said Greenpeace co-founder and conference panelist Dr. Patrick Moore. “The pain and suffering it inflicts on families in developing countries can no longer be tolerated.”

This is a book that I just came across and ordered just today, I believe it deals with the theme of this post on green imperialism. If it sounds interesting at the very least follow this link and read some of the reviews on the page about this heated issue. Thanks for your constant support.

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6 Comments on “Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

  1. I read and it's very good. I understand what you are saying. I just wish i was smart enought to leave you a better comment :(

  2. I read it and i think its very true. I understand what you were saying and whats going on. I just wish i was smarter so i could leave a better comment :)

  3. i think it's pretty important to consider who Hunter currently works for. Yes, he was a founder of the group greenpeace, but he is now a shill for the nuclear industry. also, just to throw my two cents in, i think it's pretty obvious that by outsourcing our manufacturing, first world countries have merely outsourced our pollution. any group that is working on environmental issues needs to be addressing the entire planet, not just first world countries. the excuse that we don't need to do anything here because china pollutes more is simply that – an excuse. one more way for politicians and corrupt corporations to pass the buck and not take responsibility for a lack of action.

  4. Gabe, thanks for your comment…you are completely right about First world countries outsourcing their pollution.And you are also right about an environmentalist needing to tackle global issues rather than just the issues of their own country. Your comments are noted and appreciated.

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    Thanks a lot.

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