Lethal Fish Virus in the Great Lakes

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dead fish

A devastating fish virus that has caused huge fish kills in the eastern great lakes has likely spread to Lake Michigan and down the Mississippi River. This could lead to a serious depletion of fish which can directly affect fishers and the fish supply.

Common symptoms of an infected fish are bulging eyes and bleeding skin. Scientists acknowledged that the virus cannot be stopped but can be slowed down. Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus, or VHS virus, does not harm humans if they choose to eat their catch but does effect more than 25 fish species. However, would you really want to eat a fish that has bleeding skin hemorrhages…I sure wouldn’t. Bloody fish anyone? I’ll pass. The VHS virus is a microscopic invader that originally came from Europe, so by definition is an invasive species. As the world continues to grow in numbers with a disregard to the environment, then the world starts to fall apart. It wont be long now before Earth reaches her tipping point.

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5 Comments on “Lethal Fish Virus in the Great Lakes

  1. Hello, you have been tagged. If you are interested, you can read my blog post. "I have been tagged" I chose you because I believe we are fighting for the same cause. I hope you will play along. Cheers!

  2. I had a read through the post and it is quite sad. While I do agree with your statement at the end about the problems being due to an explosion in population growth, I think a look on the positive side would reveal that it also gives us greater opportunities to train more people to have a greater positive effect on the environment.

  3. Any known cure for this, be it a practice we need to stop or something we need to create?

  4. Your final words in this blog are scary but brutally truth. It is a shame that everybody will pay the same price when not everybody is careless or insensitive towards all the signals nature gives us. We must keep trying to make humanity react in the same direction. Lets hope the reaction does not come to late. Without a balanced and healthy nature we will end up with anything.

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